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About KleenHealth
We are one of Australia’s most innovative suppliers and creators of specialised cleaning products. Our unique processes provide for supply of both short run and huge contract packaging quantities. We offer solutions for provision, distribution and workshop training and deliver realistic outcomes at competitive prices.

In a world where general health issues are becoming more and more critical HealthGuard® provides a safe, effective and environmentally sound solution to a wide range of common health problems caused by ineffective bacteriological controls. HealthGuard® is a revolutionary multi functional anti microbial product that is extremely effective against bacteria, spores, viruses and moulds.

Anti Dust Mite
Protection for humans against dust mites. Protection for months. Ideally suited to people with asthma.

A unique textile treatment suitable for bedding to control dust mites, the excriment and eggs and reduce the triggers of asthma.

When applied correctly Premium Anti Dust mite will reduce dust mite populations, control the food source and provide relief for months.

Premium Anti Dust Mite is the ideal product to provide non invasive protection for humans against dust mites.



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